CB Ellison Realty Website

This is our main company Real Estate website.This site is our local, company website. It houses information about Coldwell Banker Ellison Realty, showcases all of our agents, staff, listings and more. It has robust search functionality allowing visitors to search for ALL listings in the Ocala and surrounding area. Similar to Zillow/Realtor.com, it also allows visitors to save their favorites, recieve updates on properties they are interested in, search based on areas, home type, size, ammenities and other citeria, and more. This site is part of our iQ Web/iQ Office platform, which is what we use to manage the content on this site. Data is imported from MLS into iQ on a daily basis to keep the listing information updated on this site.

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CBER Commercial Website
CB Ellison Realty Commercial

This is our main company Commercial Real Estate website. Similar to our main site, www.ellisonrealty.com, this site is geared for commercial listings, agents, search and more. It has all of the same functionality as our main site. It is also part of our iQ Web/iQ Office platform, which is what we use to manage the content on this site. Data is imported from MLS into iQ on a daily basis to keep the listing information updated on this site.

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CBER Agent Website
Agent Websites

Each agent has thier very own website. It can be found at YourFirstNameLastName.ellisonrealty.com

So, yours would be at:

FirstNameLastName.ellisonrealty.com (e.g. dalebarron.ellisonrealty.com)

Your site has all of the bells and whistles of our main website (ellisonrealty.com), residential and commercial search functionality, blogging and a lot more. To begin, your site will be pretty basic. But with a little effort, your site can be a major part of your real estate career. This site is very customizable. You can change the layout, change and add new images, add unlimited new pages and a ton more. Do NOT be scared to dive in. This system (iQ Web) was built for Realtors, not for web designers. Anyone can learn how to make thier website great. To learn more, visit this tutorial.

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CBER Open Houses
Create and View Open Houses

This link will take you to the IQ Open House page which will feature all upcoming open houses by agents. These are fed by entering open houses in MLS. Open House events can also be created by agents in IQ Office. Here is a tutorial on how to do that.

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CB Corporate Website

International Coldwell Banker Website
Coldwell Banker is the #1 Real Estate brand in the world. This site is used by millions of home buyers and sellers accross the globe. Visitors search for homes, agents and real esate offices. Leads from this site are distributed to our local agents when site visitors show interest in local listings. If the listing is listed by one of our agents, the lead goes to that agent. If the listing is listed by an agent outside of Coldwell Banker, the lead is disributed on a rotating basis to one of our agents. However, in order to be eligable for rotating leads, your agent profile must be filled out in compliance with the Coldwell Banker profile requirements. For more infomation on how to make sure your agent profile is compliant, please see this tutorial.

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CB Exchange

Coldwell Banker Corporate Website for Agents and Staff
This site was created and is continually updated by Coldwell Banker for Agents and Staff across the globe. You can find marketing materials, tools, education, news, social media advice and much, much more! To learn more, visit this tutorial.

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iQ Office

This is YOUR Real Estate Office Suite
iQ Office is a "back-office" for all of your Real Estate needs. Ellison Realty uses this software for pretty much everything. When you login, you can import and manage contacts, send open house emails, create listing flyers for print, manage the way your listing show up on your website and much more. It is imperitive that every agent becomes familiar with iQ Office. To learn more, visit this tutorial.

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iQ Help

Tutorials, Support, Tickets & more for iQ Office & iQ Web
This site is the offical help site for iQ Office and iQ Web. We use this site to find out how to use thier solutions regularly. You should, too. We've found that many questions we have had can easily be answered by going to this site and taking a quick glance at the topics discussed.

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Flex MLS
Flex MLS

Your MLS System
Flex MLS is the offical MLS system of the Marion County Association of Realtors.

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My Florida Regional MLS System

MFR MLS is the another MLS system to be used by our agents for listings in Lake, Sumter and other counties.

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Ocala Marion County Association of REALTORSĀ®
OMCAR is a trade organization and is the voice for over 1,000 real estate professionals.

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PDF Editor

Make Text Edits and Import Images to your PDF
There are many times, you as a Realtor, will make a flyer yourself (listing flyer, open house flyer, etc.) using a template of some kind. For example, it is very easy to make printable listing and open house flyers in iQ Office. Once you do so, you will usually end up with a PDF flyer to print. But what if you want make further edits to your flyer that you were not able to make using the template? OR, what if we (the marketing department) made you a flyer PDF flyer in the past, and all you want to do is make a few simple changes? THIS is the answer. This tool allows you to easily edit your PDF without having to contact us to help. To learn more, visit this tutorial.

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