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How to Create a Facebook Ad (Boost Post) #1

How to Create a Facebook Ad (Boost Post) #1

Categories: Social Media
Created on: June 01, 2017 by Admin
Video Length: 30m 60s

This tutorial shows you how to create a Facebook Ad. Facebook advertising is among the cheapest and most effective way to advertise your listings, brand yourself and much more. AND, you do not need to be a computer techie to do it. Trust me, Facebook wants everyone to do it, so they make it very user-friendly. In this tutorial, you will find out that in order to create Facebook Ads, you start by creating a normal Facebook post, and then "Boost" it. You will learn how to targer your audience by location (City, Zip Code, etc.), Age and many targeting options as well. I use a LISTING in the tutorial as an example. There is another tutorial in which I show you several more ad types you can try, like slideshows and more. This tutorial, however, is perfect if this is your first time createing a Facebook ad, or want to do an ad for a listing.

IMPORTANT: This tutorial assumes that you have already created a Facebook Page (business page). It also (optionally) assumes you have already acquired a Power Point Social Media Template, HOWEVER, if not, that's ok. If you don't have a Facebook Page or Power Point Social Media Template, see the other tutorials on those topics.